Risk Management Services (RMS) has been providing tailored and unique insurance programs to the Nation’s leading swim school and swimming member organizations for more than 40 years.

Having been involved in the sport of swimming for such a long period of time enables us to have detailed discussions with our partner insurance companies to clearly identify the needs of our swimming-related clients. Our general liability program was developed specifically for the swim lesson community more than 20 years ago and continues to provide broad, comprehensive, and affordable coverage for the industry.



  • Coverage is provided for claims of negligence against the insured(s) for bodily injury or property damage resulting from insured activities. Participant Legal Liability is included.



$5,000,000.00 General Aggregate Limit Per Insured

$2,000,000.00 Each Occurrence (Bodily Injury and Property Damage)

$2,000,000.00 Products/ Completed Operations Aggregate

$2,000,000.00 Personal & Advertising Injury

$1,000,000.00 Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability

$300,000.00 Damages to rented premises

$250,000.00 Abuse or molestation per ocurrence.

$1,000,000.00 Molestation Annual Aggregate.



$25,000.00 Excess Medical or Dental Coverage

$5,000.00 Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Excess Accident or Participant Accident is included and provides secondary coverage to participants health insurance for medical bills, subject to terms and conditions of the policy. In the situation where the injured individual does not have insurance the accident coverage can be primary.


  • Swim lessons for infants to adults. Classes will include the parents with the infants.
  • Water aerobics
  • Day camps/clinics involving swimming and other non-athletic activities such as crafts, etc.
  • General maintenance and monitoring of pool chemicals covered for facilities that the insured owns or has a lease requirement.
  • Instructor/Lifeguard/CPR certifications that follow Red Cross training
  • Birthday parties (No residential parties)
  • Social activities such as awards banquets, family swim days, potlucks, etc.
  • Fund raising activities such as lap swims


  • RMS approved Waiver release forms signed by participants (Adults) and parent/guardians.
  • Student to Instructor ratio of no more than 8 students to 1 instructor.
  • Has a Lifeguard on deck or lifeguard certified instructors whenever someone is in the pool.
  • AED/oxygen, CPR masks or other state/health department required equipment must be present.
  • Background checks are required for all staff members 18 and older
  • Has a written abuse/molestation prevention and response plan (sample available)


  • One on one lessons at private homes.
  • Slides over 12’.
  • All Diving Board/Platform Activities.
  • Water trampolines or any in water exercise equipment.
  • Amusement Devices (including inflatables, dunk tanks, and climbing walls).
  • Sauna/Steam Rooms.
  • Tanning exposures.
  • Underwater sports such as water polo, water volleyball and similar energetic team games or high-risk activities in which the participants are periodically submerged. This does not apply to swimming, swim racing, pool side/starting block dives, water aerobics, and intra-team water polo.
  • Pool side and racing Starts for swim races in water depths of four (4) feet or less
  • All professional services except for swim coaching of participants as well as CPR and lifeguarding training.
  • Lifeguarding Services at residential properties.
  • Other sports besides the swimming/water aerobics exposures. Other sport exposures (i.e. – toddler gymnastics, yoga, etc.) may be submitted for underwriting review, if the exposure is acceptable, it will be rated and added to your coverage as an endorsement.
  • Camps/Clinics involving overnight exposure. This may be submitted for underwriting review and if acceptable it will be rated and added to your coverage as an endorsement.
  • Construction/Renovation activities to facility (this would be covered by a separate liability policy).
  • Repair or Replacement of pool equipment.
  • 24/7 premises exposure for facilities that are not enclosed and locked to prevent unauthorized persons from entry or access to diving boards.
  • Exposures from events held by outside entities utilizing a facility where the insured is required by written contract to operate or manage a facility they do not own unless option pool management coverage is purchased.
  • Any type of physical therapy.
  • Transportation of students whether by vehicle or on foot.



Does your facility require higher limits of insurance than the general liability program offers? We offer an additional Excess Liability option to supplement your coverage. When purchased in conjunction with the general liability policy, excess liability increases the policy limit to $5,000,000.00 per occurrence and $8,000,000 in the aggregate.


POOL PREMISES: If you own your pool facility or occupy a unit which you have completed tenant improvements/renovations or the only occupant of a leased facility, RMS can offer Pool Premises Liability for an additional premium. This covers you for claims not related to the swim lessons liability since there is an increase in exposure.

POOL MANAGEMENT: If you use a facility that also requires you to provide Lifeguard services and/or general facility clean up and/or control of chemicals on a regulard basis and/or Equipment maintenance (this must be hired out, you are not covered to perform any equipment repair or replacement) this coverage is needed. Managing a facility that is not owned by you is a higher level of risk, we strongly suggest this coverage is purchased.


  • Schools or clubs that have responsibility of operating a facility or have their own facility:
  • All facilities must have a certified pool operator on staff or hire an outside CPO service (Certified Pool/Spa Operator designation obtained by passing the course and test produced by the National Swimming Pool Foundation)
  • Scheduling of pool time for other organizations, lap swimming or open swims at leased facilities where they are required by contract. Organizations scheduling pool time should provide an additional insured certificate naming your club.
  • Documented pool chemistry checks must be performed as required by the local health department.
  • Procedures must be in place for closing and returning a pool to use following a fecal/contaminating incident
  • A written emergency response plan must be in place to cover all foreseeable incidents, near drowning, release or spill of chemicals, medical emergency, fire, severe weather, etc.
  • Minimum staffing levels for the facility must be in place prior to opening the facility (facility manager, assistant manager/operations/maintenance manager, lifeguard or lifeguard certified instructors that must be present to properly manage and operate the facility).
  • All pool equipment and mechanical components must meet NSF and ANSI standards
  • The facility must have and maintain a current operating permit from the local AHJ
  • If insured is operating or managing a facility they do not own, a written contract must be in place clearly stating the responsibilities of the swim school and the owner of premises. It must also state that exposures related to the insured school activities will only be covered..
  • Signage highlighting Pool Rules must clearly be posted at facility
  • No liquor allowed at facility


Workers Compensation can be a challenging coverage to purchase. RMS has been able to develop a program with swimming related businesses in mind. Our program is available in all states except North Dakota, Ohio, Wyoming, and Washington where you are required to purchase the coverage from the state.


Do you have instructors providing residential lessons to clients? RMS can help you with the additional coverage you need to provide liability to your residential instructor.


  • Premium cost is per instructor
  • Instructors must be Lifeguard certified
  • Our residential instructor waiver must be used with client/participant
  • Life saving devices must be present at the location, or the instructor must have their own devices at the location
  • Abuse and molestation liability is excluded for residential instructor coverage


Cyber Liability coverage is becoming more and more of a necessity in today’s e-commerce and online world. Cyber liability insurance protects small businesses from the high cost of data breach and computer software attacks. Many small businesses utilize industry available software to run their business. Unfortunately, those systems carry very little in the way of cyber protection. Most small businesses that have experienced an attack usually go out of business shortly thereafter due to the high cost of recovery and damage to their reputation. Cyber liability offers coverage to help with those recovery expenses such as, client credit monitoring, attorney’s fees, and fines to name a few. RMS has an affordable Cyber Liability program to help you manage this exposure. Speak with one of our representatives about details.


If you own your own facility or have Retro-Fitted a leased location (adding pools and remodeling at your own expense) we recommend obtaining Property Coverage.

The Benefits are:

  • Replacement Cost Coverage for your Building or Tenants Improvements/Betterments and Business Personal Property.
  • Business Income and Extra Expense which would reimburse you for lost income or extra expenses you incur because of your business being closed due to a covered loss.
  • Property at other locations
  • Back Up of Sewers and Drains
  • Inland Marine coverage for computers, timing systems, lane lines, starting blocks, etc.


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