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Audit Premium

What is an Audit?

Our General Liability program policy is an Audited policy; this means the initial rate charged to an insured is based on an estimate of participants for their program annually. Participant count is recorded at the beginning of the policy period and a count taken at the end of the policy period. If the participant count turns out to be higher, all additional participants will require additional audit premium.


125 participants at beginning

200 participants at the end

75 additional participants require additional premium.

Why do we do Audits?

An audited policy allows an insured to account for fluctuations in participants annually without having to pay excess premiums based on a guesstimate up front. Premium refunds will not be possible for the payment of too many participants.

How do we check to make sure audits are done annually?

For the most part, audits are a done on an “Honor System” and we rely on the insured to accurately account for their total number of participants. Our clientele have done an exceptional job at reporting their participants annually and have helped keep premiums for the program as low as possible.

Occasionally, the insurance company that underwrites our program will require random audits of insureds and their participants. The company will send a representative to interview the insured and review current participant counts to reconcile with what they have reported. If it is determined that an insured has not accounted for participants accurately coverage could be terminated.

How do you perform and audit and make premium payment?

If you have determined that audit premium is due, utilize the link in the left margin to begin the audit payment process. Once the additional audit premium is determined it can be paid for with a credit card or by check. If paying by check ensure you complete the audit form and send to RMS with your payment.